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ACT and SAT Resources

All Ohio schools are required to administer the ACT to all juniors.  This one time test is free (making it affordable to all) and administered during the school day which helps make it accessible to all juniors.  

In Addition, students earring college-ready scores on the ACT in English, math and reading may use these scores to obtain the college-ready seal as one of the two seals required for graduation.

Butler High School will be administering the ACT to juniors on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at 7:45am in the Student Activity Center.  Students will need to bring:

  • ID
  • #2 wooden pencil (no mechanical pencils)
  • Approved calculator

Students arriving late will not be admitted into the test room. 

Students must complete the pre-registration to test on this date.  The pre-registration is being conducted on [insert date] at Butler and on Tuesday, [insert date] at MVCTC.  Students must see Mrs. Donovan ASAP during the school day or immediately after school to complete the pre-registration if they were absent on the pre-registration dates.  Students enrolled in College Credit Plus English classes must make arrangements with Mrs. Donovan to complete the paperwork because they do not have a scheduled English class at Butler.

The school has requested accommodations for students with IEPs and 504s.  Those students will receive a ticket informing them where to report.  The test will take approximately 3.5 hours.  In some instances, the test may take longer or be administered over several days to meet accommodation requests.  Please plan accordingly.