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Alternative Physical Education Plan (APE)

Students may meet the requirements of two (2) semesters of P.E. by participating in and completing two (2) seasons of sports, cheerleading, kickline or marching band.  An injury, illness, suspension or athletic suspension could cause a season to not count toward the P.E. requirement.  The two (2) seasons do not have to be in the same school year.  There are no provisions for being exempt from one semester of P.E.  This is an all or nothing option.  By fulfilling the P.E. requirements this way, your student will still be required to take six (6) classes each semester of their freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years.  If a student has not met the requirements by the beginning of their senior year, that student will be placed in the P.E. classes needed for graduation.

Download the appropriate form after completing two seasons of a sport/activity.

Class of 2024 Alternative PE Plan

Class of 2025 Alternative PE Plan

Class of 2026 Alternative PE Plan

Graduation Requirements