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Our School

Preparing students for success in a global society

The high school years are often the most important and memorable years of an individual’s life. These are the years when youth begin the transition from child to adult, from full-time student to responsible citizen in a global community.

The teachers and staff at Butler High School recognize how critical these years are. While the core of their responsibility is to meet the academic needs of every student, their greatest commitment is to people. As such, they promote academic success while fostering the growth of the whole student. 

This translates into challenging academic courses that are enhanced by first-class arts and athletics programs and complemented by a wealth of clubs and activities. By design, our students have a rich diversity of options for pursuing their interests, building their skills, and developing life-long relationships with mentors and friends.

At every step in their journey from freshmen to seniors, our students receive clear-cut expectations, support, respect, expert guidance, and a first-class education.


Empowering Students Today for the Opportunities of Tomorrow


Educating the students through an Interactive Environment that Promotes Critical Thinking, a Strong Work Ethic, Personal Responsibility, and a Sense of Pride in School and Community.

Butler Alma Mater

Come and join in song together
Sing with might and main
Our beloved Butler High School
Sounds her praise again,
Here’s to her whose name we’ll
Ever cherish in our song.
Honor, love, and true devotion
To her belong.

Butler Pep Song

Oh cheer, cheer, cheer for Butler High.
The pride of Ohio. We’ll ring out the
glory and we’ll tell all the story of
the school we love the best.
Oh cheer, cheer, cheer for Butler High
our Alma Mater true, and we’ll always
stand every heart in hand, for
the honor of Butler High.

First page of the PDF file: BUTLERFIGHTSONG